Automation rules

If we want to create automation rule we click Automation -> Automation rules -> Create automation rule
In first step we set basic settings.


Rule name – helps us identify our rules in system
Choose application – we set our application
Event type – we have 5 types of event: module was used, function was used, custom event, reaction to push and visited area
Specify module or Specify function – allow us to choose after which function or module rule will launched.

Reaction to push – choose push and set if rule should run after Action taken or Dismissed.


Visited area – choose area where user should appear to run the rule.


In next step we set conditions that must be met in order to rule has been launched

Select dynamic segment from list below – It lets you select audience by defining the dynamic segment.
Interval between launch – determines after how many days the rule can be launch again.
Check conditions after – let us know, after how many days conditions should be checked again
Maximum launch per user – Specifies what is the maximum amount rule is run for the user, after exceeding a specified amount rule does not start.
In the next step choose the actions that should occur after meeting the rule.

Drag actions and drop to set them